More than five decades dressing the little kings of the house,
bestowing personality and added value upon each of our products.



Martín Aranda is a childrenswear company counting with more than 50 years of experience within this area. Our origins date back to 1965, with the foundation of the enterprise Martín Aranda and Sons. More than five decades dressing the little kings of the house, always keeping our firm commitment to top quality, design and modernity. Nowadays, the company Martin Aranda is a worldwide clothing distributor, being an international reference in its field of activity.

In Martín Aranda, we are above all manufacturers. Even half a century after our foundation, we are still in charge of every stage in the production process. We reckon that supervising the origin of our raw materials, their manipulation during the manufacturing process and, finally, the quality control is the best way to comply with the market needs, offering as well the highest quality for our customers.

Our corporate success has always been linked to our capacity to see ahead, first, and adjust then to the trends and requirements of an ever-changing and more demanding market. This has been accomplished thanks to our highly qualified and talented creative and design teams.

It is our role as manufacturer which lets us give personality and added value to every single garment produced in our factory.

Our modern facilities allow us to provide each of our distributed products with an outstanding quality and design.

The use of Spanish fabrics and the location of our entire production process in the town of Rus (Jaén) makes us worthy of the certification “MADE IN SPAIN”